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Use this topic to report bugs or remarks about the Code of Kutulu challenge.

If you still don’t know what’s Code of Kutulu yet, take a look here :

The referee code is publicly available on Github
Codingame Java:

This text seems wrong:

Passively, explorers lose 1 sanity each turn due to the fear caused by the environment.
When another explorer is up to 2 cells away from you, even if there is a wall in between, you reassure each other and thus lose only 1 sanity instead .

lose 1 unless close and then lose 1.

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The text in initial code is 3 unless in a group and then it is 1. It appears to be eventually variable.

Due to a somewhat unexpected difficulty, we have decided to nerf the bosses.
They should now be a little easier to beat.

Sorry for the iconvenience :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Somewhat unexpectedly, my WAIT strategy was better than the boss and promoted.

I feel robbed.

Hmm. Now it is REALLY difficult to beat the Boss: Leroy Jenkins is #207 in Wood 2, and nothing happens, we all wait for something to happen.

Fixed now ! The boss needed to play a few games !

The description says:

Shelters start with 10 energy . A shelter loses 1 energy each time it reassures an explorer, until it has no more energy. When it runs out of energy, it can no longer restore confidence to anyone before being fully refilled. Shelters get refilled to 10 every 50 turns.

But the display indicates that no energy is available until frame 200/turn 50. Is this correct?

Correct, they are filled at turns 50, 100 and 150 only. So no early shelters.

Error in the description:
Note: the explorer you control is the first given entity. The id may not be 0.

However, the given ID of the first player (you) is actually 0!

(this is at least true in wood 3)

If you aren’t the red player, your ID is not 0.

Oh I see, that’s how you meant it. In this sentence the word may is ambiguous.

It could mean how I read it: The id is not allowed to be zero.

So perhaps you could at a word to clarify?
The id may not necessarily be 0.



Thanks, I made the change but it will be updated in game only if we have to update it again (which I hope not :))

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When an explorer dies while being in a PLAN area, they heal after death and regain health.
cf this replay for the green player:
This does not change the ranking though.
Only the viewer seems to be affected (left part summing up explorers and display of the ranking at the end, showing “45 turns + 6 sanity”).


In this replay : I believe there’s a weirdness in the path finding algorithm, unless I’m misunderstanding the rules.

The rules says that if two paths have the same length, then the wanderer will use directions in the following order of preference : UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT.

However, at turn 18, wanderer 6 (at 1,11), targeting explorer 3 (at 9,7), which is 12 steps away both using the path going UP (1,10) and the path going RIGHT (2,11), choose to go RIGHT instead of UP. Even if we take into account the explorer movement (going UP), it shouldn’t change the paths.

Is there something wrong with my assumptions?

EDIT: Then, on the same replay, at turn 78, the wanderer 16, in almost the same situation, choose to go UP instead of RIGHT.

Sorry, we changed the preferences and forgot to update the statement:
the initial preference is URDL (at turn 0).
But each turn it shifts by one (RDLU, DLUR, …).
The reason is that otherwise a player left to a minion could just go UDUDUD and the minion would do the same without ever going left. A player starting at the right can’t do that, resulting in an unfairness.
You can see the shifting here in the code.

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Indeed, @JohnnyYuge_of_kutulu mentionned it in the chat and I opened an issue on github. Thanks.

In this replay I crash and finish 4th even though I would have been at least 2nd by just waiting. I believe this is contrary to how things have always been done on Codingame, and in my opinion this is not how it should be.

maybe not a bug, but something not clear in rules:

step 265 - I have
Entity{id=11, x=18, y=16, entityType=SLASHER, param0=1, param1=2, param2=2}
so Slasher targets player with id=2
But at step 268 it attacks my hero (id=0) at (18, 10);
Based on rules (The slasher rushes instantly to the target if the target is still in line of sight, or rushes to the last seen position of the target.) if played (id=2) leaves line of sight Slasher should attack it’s last point (18, 12), why it moves to (18, 10)?


I need help! Where can I check the description for a previous league?

I modified my code so it advanced into wood 2 last night. But this morning I found I’ve advanced to wood1, but I need to know about what’s new in wood2 to improve… :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!