Code of the Rings - Hard Coded Solutions

I really want to know if Hard Coded Solutions are considered cheating ?
For example on Testcase #7 :

    print "+>-[<.>-]....."

Frankly in my opinion this shouldnt be allowed as it dosent really encourage thinking and programming.But if the admins say that it is okay for people to do this then I have no problem.

But if the admins say that hard coding a solution is ILLEGAL then they must make sure that hard coded solutions are disquaified from the contest and leaderboard.

##Contest Admin Please Reply :blush:
###Thank You


You cannot hardcode because the tests used to compute your score are not the ones you get in the development environment.

Just give it a try : submit a hardcoded solution and you will see that you get a 0% score :frowning:

Ohh okay :smile: Thank You :blush: