Code of the rings

Is code of the rings challenge broken ? I can’t submit my code and get a rank…
Chat is empty.
Am I alone here ?

I have the same problem. I haven’t been able to submit my code in something like an hour. I’ve just once seen that I was at 6001 characters, but, that was before the ranking calculus began.

I sometimes suffer from connecting the server. Thought there are too many people running on the server. just keep trying

I am still confused about how to submit the code, or we just don’t need?
Just do all the test case? Is there more hidden test cases?

I assume that, like for all other puzzles, the test cases used for validation are not the same than the one used for training. This way, you cannot hard-code the answers.

WTF, Frisky is 1st with 32 instructions ??!!
Is this possible ?

If there are more than 32 letters in the magic phrase, then it is impossible. But how can he get that?!!

WOW 32 Characters Is this legit ? WTH ? I give up !! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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You can have more than 32 characters, you will just have to overwrite some of the runes… the runes don’t have to spell out your phrases, they just hold the letters that “activate” and your phrase should be stored in a variable that you cout << yourVariable << endl; to the page =) Also, if you don’t optimize your code, you’ll only at max end up with 27 runes… 26 letters and 1 space… which fits well within the 30 runestones without overwriting any of the letters .

why there is no spells which start with space?

Why do you assume this? Maybe there aren’t any on tests cases, but maybe there are some on submission.
And in fact, wouldn’t be an interesting case, as naive or complex solutions would all output ‘.’ for the first steps .

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Is this contest a hint that the next new language that will be introduced here will be BrainFuck? :smile:

Nope, it’s because I knew it couldn’t be used as a language here that i created this game. :slight_smile:


I had to code on a local server before. For the next time, may they upgrade their servers. :slight_smile:

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Feel free to donate :slight_smile: