Code vs zombies bug/problems

When i started contest, it showed me Vendetta task, not the code vs zombies. 1hr after when everything freez and i reloaded browser it actually appear - code vs zombies. What happened? Bug? And i lost my 1 hr lol

Sorry, a lot of people got the wrong puzzle, we fixed the problem and sent a notification asking to refresh the page.

Now, make sure you have the correct default code, if not, reset the code as shown in this screenshot:

For me, the viewer (only the viewer) never worked. :confused:

SyntaxError: Duplicate data property in object literal not allowed in strict mode
at link.scope.initDrawer.getDrawer (codingame.js:101096)
at (codingame.js:101103)
at codingame.js:117288
at codingame.js:19920
at i (codingame.js:23778)
at codingame.js:23794
at n.$get.n.$eval (codingame.js:25033)
at n.$get.n.$digest (codingame.js:24849)
at n.$get.n.$apply (codingame.js:25138)
at f (codingame.js:20212)

Please check out the version of your browser and install the latest one (preferably Chrome / FF).

Looks like because of the VoxCode bug (or something else) there were no points added for the Contest achievements - the values didn’t increase.

Achievement/Cg Point are delivered during the week after a contest.

For me, it worked most of the time, sometimes it was gray (about 9:00 (French time) on saturday).