Code vs Zombies custom test "bug"


Just realized that, in Code vs Zombies, if we want to extract the input data of the tests by using the custom test, the data given is incomplete : they miss the human and zombie ids.

For instance, for the first test, the IDE gives :

0 0 1 8250 4500 1 8250 8999

While the input fed to stdin is :

0 0 1 0 8250 4500 1 0 8250 8999

I know that’s a very minor problem, that bears almost no consequence on the game. Thought you should know though.


That’s not a bug but a misunderstanding of what the custom test is. For in/out puzzles, it is indeed what is sent to the stdin of your program, but for all the games with a viewer, that’s the input that is sent to the “referee”, a program that will feed yours and check your solution.

Oh I see. Sorry for the misunderstanding then.
You are right, that should have been obvious since I’m not feeding “all the turns”.

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