Code vs Zombies : stuck at 95%

I’m stuck at 95% in the ranking of Code vs Zombies, even if I validate the whole 22 tests in the IDE (I’m using PHP).
Any clues on what should I do to reach 100% ?

Thanks !

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The tests in the IDE are different from the ones used to compute the score. So you might be lucky and pass all the tests in the IDE and still fail to pass one test when your score is computed.

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Well, I sure this is it, but how could I know what to correct if all seems right to me?

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It happened to me the same thing, remember that the test applied by the contest are different internally.
The resolution surely is that you put an approximate figure to work (in my case I put the distance between a zombie and human closest to it is greater than 500, one botched hahaha). Try to solve step by step and do not stress problem. : D

Same here. Passed all tests but I’m stuck at 95%.PHP

edit: oh wow nvm turned out i missplaced a variable now its 100% ^.^

You are not the only one… I’ve tried 4 different approaches to the problem, get 55k points at 95%, but the 22 tests passed 100%!