Code4Life Balance Update Poll (Silver league)


You have been many to complain about some of the features in Code4Life contest. If I followed well, the main issues are the following:

  • science projects are not used since we reach the end of the game before.
  • rank 1 samples are “useless”

We have thought about some changes that can make the end of the contest more interesting:

  • remove the limit of 170 points. Games limit are then 200 turns (400 frames)
  • increase the points awarded to science projects: from 30 to 50
  • lower the max available stock for molecules from 6 to 5

These changes will be applied from the Silver league only.

Poll: do you agree with the changes?


I still think, the main problem is the very long movement times (12-24 turns for a rotation of all 4 stations, depending on how often you have to backtrack between molecules and lab). That is what makes the rank 1 samples almost as expensive as rank 2, timewise. But I think the changes would be better, than it is now.


…timewise… is to let carry only 1 sample per same rank, or not more than 2 samples of the same rank… something like that, in other case there is no use of rank 1 samples. You will use it only if you must(for example if you need a certain expertise, which you can get only from rank 1)

By reducing the number of samples from 6 to 5, it makes denying much easier, so if you pick only rank 2 samples at the beginning you might be unable to finish anything.

Also, more points for projects means that spamming samples will be more viable.


As you seem to globally agree with the changes, we’ll push the balance update with the release of silver league in something like 2 hours.


I’ve seen science projects being awarded to me if the requirements are met (but I guess for better players that might not happen if they finish early with 180 points)

I think rank 1 samples are useful to get expertise on molecules faster and that makes fulfilling higher ranks of samples easier. I disagree with the lowering of limit of molecules available (from 6 yo 5). I think that would make the game much harder than it already is. Perhaps make that change for Legend League - to sort the best players only? As for limiting the number of turns for the game - what is the current limit - 401?

Looks great ! I’ll get my douche bot ready :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, great that you include the community to continuously improve the challenge… congrats!

From my perspective, the 170 (or any other) points winning condition is a must, since it is the one that really makes you struggle to find the optimization schema. Otherwise it will be just farm as fast as possible.

If projects and sample rank 1 want to have more weight, then projects could have a random value (for example 30, 50, 70). And samples rank 1 could cost 1 less molecule.

Anyway, I’m quite happy with this contest… congrats again!


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you forgot
RESHUFFLE SAMPLES at every pick!
or create a bigger pool (like 300 samples)
if you say random, it must be random, not predictable after some time

otherwise, you must describe exactly how the pool wheel works, or the players that will read (hack) the referee code would have an advantage


uhh, you not trying to make rank 1 sample a little more useful ?

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I agree with the problems but not with these solutions.
Removing the score limit is really sad.
You should have made rank 1 and projects cheaper with the same amount of points. (or projects same price but more points, not sure)

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I’m worried that limiting the molecules further will make denying too powerful.

I agree this solution might be a problem.
If rank-1s are too weak them make them stronger! More points or less molecules or both. Then old strategies will still work, and new strategies become possible too.
But dropping the number of molecules changes the balance of the whole game. Old strategies will need changing, more bots will try to block for 200 turns, then the game is less fun to watch or play, and games are longer and slower to process?

I agree this changes the strategy, but I don’t think it is bad. For example, blocking can be countered by using lower ranked samples. (Using lower ranked samples also makes it easier to block your opponent.) While it is possible to block for 200 turns, it is also be possible to notice you are being blocked and get out of it.