Codebusters bug on busters id

after a stun it appears that the busters ids are switched around or changed in a weird way.
I am getting 2 busters with the same id


i have a similar problem that my buster seemed changing id and i fount it was because i changed the order of my buster list and forget to regain the original order again

I dont touch my buster list after i first create it, just enumerate through it, but what was happening whenever a stun was used is that the ids seemed to shift, a buster going back to the base to release a ghost suddently thought he was another buster and started looking for ghosts to catch…

weren’t you giving multiple orders to the same buster during one turn? Or mixing the order of your outputs?

Nop, the code was running smoothly until one of my busters stunned or got stunned by the other AI’s busters, from that point on my list of buster’s ids became different from the one being processed by the game engine, at at one point some busters shared the same id, as shown in the pic i attached