CodeBusters Legend League: Broken?

I got promoted to Legend, but am at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Looking at recent battles, many of them bomb out.

If I try replaying them in the IDE, they are fine.

Looking at the replay, it looks like it’s not accepting RADAR:

Game information:
invalid input. Expected ‘MOVE x y | BUST id | RELEASE | STUN id’ but found ‘RADAR radar love’
Standard output stream:
MOVE 14813 4500 carrying
MOVE 4316 6799 gidyap
RADAR radar love

When we created the legend league, we used the wrong question, hence codes that use radar and eject received invalid command errors.

We fixed the problem this morning but we haven’t cleared the replay history. I suggest you to push again. If you notice this problem again, please tell us.