Codebusters max rounds

In rules there is “The game ends once all ghosts have been captured or after the time limit of 400 turns.”

But actually it is 200? Is there difference between “round” and “turn”?

The game ends when one team safely capture (i.e. took the the base) half + 1 of the ghosts. That team wins!
No point in proceeding, because the result is set (just like in the good old “best of five”, a match will end if one team is 3x0…)

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There are max 400 turns for the whole game, but in fact it is 200 turns per player, as the game is turn-based but pretend to be simultaneous.
(It is visible in the IDE log turn boxes, when you have 118/xx, 120/xx, etc. for an orange player and 119/xx, 121/xx for the pink one).

Hello, you are quite right, we’ve modified the statement to say “200” turns for the time limit.
We don’t have a different meaning for turn and round, but the player cuts up each round into 2 frames, one for each player (that are played simultaneously). Apologies for any confusion this may have caused.

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