Codebusters: order of operations


Could you explain in details what is the order of operations?
Is it true that all busters move/bust/stun/whatever simultaneously?

I thought it is, but here is the replay:
At the turn 327/401 my buster with id=4 wants to stun opponent’s buster with id=3. Distance between them is about 1167. Last stun by my buster was made 60 turns ago, so I think buster with id=3 must become stunned. But it turns out that he gets away and I see the message “Buster 4 wants to stun buster 3 but cannot” in game information.

Could you please clarify why did that happen and what is the exact order of operations?


The order is


Thanks for the reply, but I still have some concerns.

  1. When I test my bot as a first player, it never misses with stuns, and when I play as a second player it misses quite often.
  2. Look at this replay:
    Turns 225, 227. My buster with id=0 tries to stun buster with id=7, which is clearly out of range after his move.

This two facts witness that it’s highly possible that busters are processed consequently, not simultaneously. Could you please check your code and if it’s correct, explain why buster with id=7 got stunned in the replay above.


This is a pretty important information, I believe it should be included in the rules. I’ve spent quite a long time trying to figure out why my buster can’t stun an opponent.


This is super important, i’m trying to write a local simulator. but found those details unclear. also, ghosts and busters share the same move phase?

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Indeed! 0 on 1 -> OK 1 on 0 -> fail

This gives team 0 a big dodge advantage!!!


I confirm there is a bit of a bug in the game code.
A buster may indeed escape a stun from a buster who has a higher id.
We’ll be correcting this oversight shortly.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


EDIT: and by shortly, I mean in 18 hours from now.
EDIT: fixed

Hi, if a buster can’t escape a stun from a higher id one, i think MOVE phase shall happen after the STUN?

MOVE will happen after STUN, but busters who get stunned on the same turn as they move will complete their move before starting the stun animation

so they get both stunned and moved after this turn?
and the order is BUST -> STUN -> MOVE I think?

BUST STUN and MOVE are supposed to occur simultaneously.
If a buster stuns another one, that other buster will BUST, STUN or MOVE as they were supposed to, and then become stunned.


I think BUST->MOVE->STUN adds more depth to strategies. In this case you need to predict opponent position to stun and also you can avoid stuns by running away. Anyway stun charge is not spent if you miss.
In case of STUN->MOVE we’ll have just not enough visibility to avoid stuns from campers on our base.