CodeBusters: probably bug in engine

Watch 300 move ot this replay:

My buster releases the ghost inside the base, and my score drops from 5 to 4. Buster coordinates are (1600, 0), so he’s inside the map, and in release range from base.
Looks like a bug in engine.

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The team will look at it asap.

Thanks to pointing that out. :slight_smile:

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Indeed, it ruins my anti-camp strategy :smiley:

Got the same issue. Any progress on fixing it?

Regards :slight_smile:

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Thank you for pointing this out. I’m pretty sure it’s fixed now.
The bug would happen if a ghost was released on the very edge of the base.

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I have a different scoring issue
For instance the winning condition on the below replay

There is 5-4 for my opponent and when I stun him and capture his last ghost the score becomes 5-4 for me but the game then stops before the 400 runs even if I didn’t deliver my ghost yet


In that replay, yellow player times out on frame 325, they are out of the game. However the game continues to give red player a chance of winning.
The game ends as soon as red player picks up the ghost since their score becomes greater than the “dead” yellow player.

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Thanks I had forgotten that sometimes you can just timeout :slight_smile:

Does that mean I can timeout vs players camping my base and still win the game ?
I find that very beautiful

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