Codebusters Rules

I am in Wood League 1, and one of my Busters is in state 3, instructions only mention 0,1,2.
Can you please explain state 3 in the instructions too, so I know what to do with him?

Also, if a Buster is stunned do you still expect us to give a valid command (like “Move 0 0”), that will then be ignored?


In bronze league, state 3 means “currently busting a ghost” (when ghosts have stamina). If it appears in a wood league, it is probably a bug.

Most definitely. The game expects as many lines of output as there are busters. Also, maybe a stunned buster can still chat?


Getting the engine to accept and ignore any command makes the transition easier from the previous level where you didn’t stun (or get stunned). If you pretend you can still do something (or is not aware that you cannot), life goes on.