Coders of the Carribean - Bugs

Hi fellow coders,

Use this topic to report bugs or remarks about the Coders of the Carribean challenge.

If you still don’t know what’s Coders of the Carribean yet, take a look here :

The referee code is publicly available on Github
Codingame Java:

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I have one remark about league progression.

In Wood 2 you introduce collisions but not manual steerin.
Ships can block each other, so I have to write some code to prevent this using only MOVE - but it will be useless in future because manual steering will be better.

It is irritating, additional work in phase “write simple code to unlock all rules”.

I think collisions and manual steering should be unlocked together.

Game is Great! Thank you for your work!


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pls check replay. Is it ok?, should they make a move to collide ot not?

After looking at the referee some players have discovered that rhum barrels (with quantity = 30) are dropped when a ship is sunk after collision with a mine.

This event should be added to the rules :slight_smile: (unless I missed the place where it is written, I don’t think it is anywhere in the statement)

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pb4 spotted this bug, but I’m writing it down here as a memo :slight_smile:

int travelTime = 1 + Math.round(ship.bow().distanceTo( / 3);
should be
int travelTime = 1 + Math.round(ship.bow().distanceTo( / 3.0);

Thanks for the referee ! Very useful !


Fixed, thanks.

int travelTime = (int) (1 + Math.round(ship.bow().distanceTo( / 3.0));


If a ship attempts to leave the map to negative side it says: “invalid input. Expected ‘A valid action’ but found ‘MOVE -1 7’”
If it attempts to leave the map to positive side then it just stops like described in rules.

As for me it is some kind of inconsistence. Is this expected?

The tooltip in the most recent battles is wrong, as I am always orange there.
It is me, who times out

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In this replay, frame 181, two ships run out of rum.
For each ship two barrels of rum are placed. Is it really intended to place two barrels for each ship?

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Same situation as above, frame 232

It seems that my dead boat can still see the mines.
Shouldn’t it be shipsAlive here: ?

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Also I don’t know if you call getConfiguration() after initReferee(), if so maybe you should update barrelCount to barrels.size() like you do for the mines here

And while we’re at it, the test at line 1061 is useless, since you’re already iterating on alive ships :stuck_out_tongue:


Near 10th turn, player 1 ship after take barrel output MOVE 11 6 and it is considered as SLOWER, speed drop to 0. Any explanations why?

I expect at least right turn.

found. Looks like this if (currentPosition.distanceTo(targetPosition) == 1 && angleStraight > 1.5) {

When a ship disappear because of no rum, a barrel appears
frame 189

yes, need to correct in “checkCollisions” => when a ship arrive to 0 rhum, he is tested 2 time (in move and rotation) for collision whit mine… with 0 life, he spawn 2 barrels of 30 rhum (before dying because there is no more rhum on it ;p)

You’re right, I will update the referee.

Not useless, I had the same if for the move and that caused an infinite loop… I’ll remove the if :).

The feature is new and we forgot to test the tooltips. I will deactivate it until we release a fix.