Coders Strike Back Contest game genre?

First, thanks for organizing these contests, they’re awesome!

Second, could we get a glimpse into the genre of the game to at least read up on the strategies and algorithms for that particular genre? For example, SF 2442 was a racing game, but could have easily been a space shooter, which are completely different AI algorithms.

What does it change for you to know couple days ahead? At lesat everyone has it revealed at the same time the current way :wink:

Just to start reading on the general strategies used in the game industry. Like mentioned, a racing game is completely different than a space shooter. Another example would be if the game is a fighting game, then there are different patterns for that as well, and there’s a lot to learn without even revealing the details of the game.

Hi CvxFous,

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

The Rebel forces have to heavily rely on their pilots skillfulness to have The Republic win the war against the Empire. This time, everything is at stake in a pod race. But the Resistance needs more than human dexterity to win the fight: You will have to program a self-driving pod to defeat the enemy…

I’ve just received that email from Codingame so I guess that will be a racing game? I hope it’s not a clone of SF2442 because all those who coded for it will have major advantage.

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Is there a link to the rules of SF2442?
I can find the leaderboad and replay games, but some more precise description of the physics would be interesting.

If i remember well, i saw a staff member saying that we should train on Poker Chip Race. So yes maybe this will look like SF2442 but the email is not talking about a race at all, it is talking about a fight. It could also be a simple fight arena between pods/drones with weapons.

In the email, they wrote :

This time, everything is at stake in a pod race.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Oops i missed this sentence :smiley:
Well so … yes … maybe it will be a clone of SF2442. In this case we’ll have many many already fonctionnal codes.

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Ah nice! Missed that hint. It says “you will have to program a self-driving pod to defeat the enemy…”. It looks like there could be some shooting going on as well?