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So, if we read the error message which says:

invalid input. Expected ‘x y power’ but found ‘5497 7525 1431652838 9710’

x = 5497 and y = 7525 right?

Then power is 1431652838 which is either the thrust (0 <= thrust <= 100) or the keyword “BOOST”.

Do you see the problem?

Yes , it’s okay, I understand, we can’t use BOOST in thrust ! Thank you _CG_Thibaud

that’s your problem

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Isn’t %d for integer only also?

Has anyone got the Gold level environment working when using perl? So far I seem to get a lot of sync issues, like:

  1. The game environment does not detect a pod passing over a checkpoint.
  2. I get multiple inputs for the pods, sometimes I get 2 lines per cycle of the game loop (normal, one for each pod), sometimes 3, or 4 or even more, like the environment is lagging behind and running multiple passes in one cycle of the game loop.
  3. The game environment seems to drop sync to the output, so pods get multiple inputs like it is still seeing the input from the last cycle of the game loop, likely the same issue as #2.

well, as ever after posting I found the problem, during input debugging I had introduced and off by one error, and the instructions for the gold league are vague, all pods must pass through each cp in turn, it is only on the first reaching the goal on the last lap that the game ends, not that only one pod needs to pass through each cp in turn.

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How can I go back to the Wood Leagues to test something? I seriously was not ready for the Bronze League because I haven’t “perfected” racer yet.

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Watch the pods in action mode while playing code.That will help a lot.

i can’t understand this game yet

Why was this game so popular? When I look at the leaderboards, there were over 5,000 competitors for Coders Strike Back, but most of the other contests only have a few hundred.

That’s the multiplayer tutorial. You need to solve it right after the Solo Onboarding & The Descent

There really isn’t a need or must is there? I didn’t start it until I’ve solved most of the other puzzles… Unless the rule has been changed recently.

Nope you’re free to play anything you want. That’s just the default path for the users who use the Suggested puzzle in their home page.

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i cant seem to understand the way that i should the BOOST ,im using C.

->The description says that we should change thrust VALUE from “old” to BOOST

->it also shows us <x y “BOOST”> this as the way to do it

->in addition,says that its a keyword,but as you see at the above ,it’s kinda using it as a string

Iam a liitle confused.
It would be very helpful to see ,in a code,an actual example of BOOST
Thank you in advance!

Please search the word “BOOST” in this post and you will see examples given in some replies.

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hey can you tell me how to use boost in C++.

Are you asking about (almost) the same thing as the player 9 days ago? If yes, please refer to my answer 9 days ago.

I did. As I didn’t bother to look previous answers. But now I have done and already searched. So, I would like to thank your 9 days ago answer…
And am sorry I couldn’t come 9 days ago…

You could read the thread from start to finish.

Or you prefer every 3rd poster asking the same question and you having to scroll down through this very same question to find your answer?

I just started (got to Wood League 2), and I’m rather confused about what the target location which I specify in the output actually does; how it’s used to calculate what the pod does next, and how it’s affected by the physics; what the images of the pod race actually represent.
Some plausible explanations that come to mind:

a) the thrust I provide is applied directly toward the target (but there’s inertia from my previous speed, and that’s why the pod ‘overshoots’);

b) the thrust is applied in a direction that gets the pod closer to going toward the target, but there is some maximal amount of turning the pod can do in a turn, which no one told me about (and there’s probably still also inertia)

c) there’s some more complex function that calculates the direction of the thrust based on my desired target

I suspect it’s b), and the next level will tell me how it actually works, but it’s a bit frustrating to have to guess. There’s tons of text in the problem spec anyway, why not throw in the actual workings of the pod somewhere?