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You have to get 1st to progress into next rank.

Yes sorry I left it alone for an hour and came back and managed to get to Bronze league. Just needed a break from it I supposed. I ended up beating the boss after modifying my code properly after some reading like you suggested.

I haven’t programmed since college (10+ years) and thought this would be a great way to get back into it but maybe I might have to start somewhere a little bit more basic. Relearn the terms and what they do and how to properly use them.

Ugghh. Why doesn’t it get passed Bronze??? I have tried every possible method…

Just look at the races you do and try to get a better code by improving the power function and the direction of your pod.
I added a code that change the nextCheckpointX and nextCheckpointY to lessen the drifts and I passed the bronze and silver in the same day.
Work hard and you’ll do it.

I’m just wondering if you guys could help me find the error in my code.
I’m in Wood league two and im getting an error saying I did not give an input in due time. I am kind of new to coding and was just wondering if you can help me with thid

Mod edit: Don’t post full code, please.

            // You have to output the target position
            // followed by the power (0 <= thrust <= 100)
            // i.e.: "x y thrust"
            Console.WriteLine(nextCheckpointX + nextCheckpointY + thrust);


Drop the ; before else

I want to know how can I improve my pods,and this is my code:

Mod Edit: Don’t post full code, please.

You need spaces between the values in your output. The referee is expecting 3 values and you’re only giving one, so it’s waiting for the rest of them and timing you out.

It wants something like 1200 1500 100 and you’re sending 12001500100.

This thread is full of suggestions on how to make a good bot… you don’t even have to read the whole thing, just scroll up a bit. If you have questions about a particular part of your code, feel free to post it. Posting the whole thing is frowned upon, though.

oh sorry i don’t know that it’s not allowed to send all the code
i just see little about the gold in the forum.

I am new and I have scanned through the thread…I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it… and staring at this any longer is crazy… I can’t get past the first step.

what blocks you?

It’s a race of pods. Every turn, you must output a position (x, y) and a thrust for your pod as a string. Each turn, you’re also given in the input some information about the pods and game.

I’ve seen posts on two pathways to utilize ML on the games in the forums. One involves building an in-game simulation to predict future events. The other involves downloading game data in the form of jsons to use offline. I’d like to pursue getting the game data but i haven’t seen a path to such. Can anyone point me to a method for collecting game data that i can use offline?

How do I get Velocity? ? ?
Many people say that there is a “magic potion” involving “… * 3 speed…”

This could help:

Below Gold, you can store the previous position of an object and then velocity is just current - previous.

Starting in Gold, they just give it to you as input.

How exactly works thrust?
Why max_speed(thrust) is equal to 51 if thrust =10
And for thrust =10+n10
max_speed(thrust) = 51+57
(checking by hand)
And what is the force which stops you when you are not providing thrust. Because if there was no force from 2nd newtons law pod shouldnt stop

Hi everybody!
I made a code that wins in the IDE, but it does really strange things during the battles… I tried to import parameters of one of those weird fights in my IDE, and I works fine :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
What could be the difference between the environment used for the battles?
I develop in C++

Thanks a lot!

I did that. Drifts are minimal, the boss knocks me out of the way.

set a variable outside of your ‘if’ statement. inside just assign new values to it