CodinGame for Work

Hey there,

As mentioned in the latest log book, you’ve just finished CodinGame for Work, which is awesome!

How do users of CodinGame apply to be tested?
Will there be a checkbox on the profile settings for allowing a user to do so?

Thanks in advance!

As a company, it’s possible to evaluate candidates with different tools (likes tests, MCQ, Contest, …)

If the company choose Contest (aka SOURCING), as a Codingamer, you can join the contest (Next one : There’s no Spoon) as a candidate instead for fun, and CG will pass on your code/rank to the company. So, if the company want to, the recruiter can contact you through CodinGame.

It’s that simple.

The company can also make you take tests individually during its recruitment process (aka ASSESSMENT), but you have nothing to do as a Codingamer

There is a bug in the assessment’s program’s tutorial question’s evaluation of the user’s code.
When I use Binarysearch to go over the sorted list of integers it tells me my code isn’t fast enough for millions of items in the same list.
I think it is. My stopwatch tells me it take like 4 ticks to finish searching a list of 10Million items.Please explain as it costs 700 points.
Screenshot available on request.