Codingame is missing an important programming language

please add copy_&_paste language (aka ctrl + C, ctrl + V) so that people like Kyran and possibly others too can put it in their profile description

its also a shame it says Ruby Bash Perl or whatever when they win a clash in 5 seconds while they actually used the copy_&_paste language

if the copy_&_paste language was mentioned, the other competitors would not be misled and they would too strive to learn this magnificent language



That’s why I only play the clashes which ask for minimal code size. There you learn something, at least. Though, even those will end being copy-pasted :frowning:

Wait until they bot all of that using conventional languages and copy_&_paste programmers start complaining about it.

“That’s JS coded with copy_&_paste!”
_“Nope, that’s JS coded with JS”

Now please excuse me while I’m copying a copy paster bot to help me farm clash of code points.


It’s just a troll, do not feed him !

He is not wrong though, I have personally seen people (I won’t say their names) solving a puzzle in less than 10 seconds, puzzles with a multiple sentence statement which takes at least half a minute to read. Not to mention it takes time to code.

Like, most recently, I saw one today. It was some ad hoc puzzle with many cases which required quite a few IF statements. A guy sent his 100% solution in 7 seconds. Took me longer to START reading lol


The message is turned as a troll, but he’s right. This is why is completly stop clashes. But the copy/pasters are not the main problem.

The problem is that you can play a clash you already played. If i start a clash i just can’t compare myself to others players. Because there’s me, i don’t know the clash so i must read it, then write a response. And there’s others players. They already know the clash, they just read few words and they write the response they already know (or they copy/paste it).

For the moment there’s no good reason to do a clash. If you want points, you just have to farm it. Do a maximum of clashes until you know all the clashes and you’ll be top 20 with 2500+ points.

I don’t know if something can be bone easily for this. There’s some players who have seen all clashes. So if you prevent players to see a clash twice, this players can’t play clashes anymore.

The best solution would be to have a infinite subject for clashes. But it’s impossible :smiley:


My suggestion on that would be to add variable parameters in subject and test cases, example:

N: number of lines
Next N line: lines to read
Print the 5 middle characters of each line, if there is an even number of character, start with the leftmost one. If there is less than 5 characters, print the whole line.

Here if we replace 5 in the subject with any other odd number, copy paster would be screwed badly (or at least a whole lot more than today).

That is just one example, but if more hardcoded variable can be changed that way, it will be a pain for pasters to succeed.


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The problem will still be here. The only difference is that the copy/paster will put constants at the start of the code and change it before submit. Still faster then anyone who don’t know the problem.

Like i said, the copy/paster problem is not the main problem. For me, the main problem is that you play the same clash twice. With that said, clashes will always be based on farm. Someone who know the clash will always be better then someone who don’t.

You can represents the “power” of each population like this:

player who don’t know the clash < player who know the clash < copy/paster

Even if by miracle we can cut off copy/pasters, we still have

player who don’t know the clash < player who know the clash

And this is the main problem for me.


Imo this is the solution.

And when it comes to “reverse” clashes, I guess you can add a few more <'s. ^^

This could work but would require a lot of changes in the way the puzzles work.

Not to mention, then you need to have a solver to solve the puzzle and construct the test cases.

Finally, some CoC problems don’t allow variable parameters in subject/text.

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I guess one temporary improvement could be to be able to select code length clash, even if “players that know the problem” still have an advantage, you can still come up with code that can possibly beat them, since speed isn’t what’s relevant.

isnt it possible disabling copy / paste feature with js? clash of code seems like a good place to make use of that option

Since js is frontend, it won’t prevent people from disabling the disabler. Also, a bot don’t have to copy paste, it can store the answer in a string and write characters inside the result like a human would do. Something as simple as container.innerHTML = “the answer is 42 #masterAtCopyPaste #noHashtag”; if enough to bypass those kind of things.

Moreover, it will be an annoyance for people who actually try and can’t duplicate one line of their code.

No nope, not as simple as that

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