CodinGame site on mobile

Has anybody else noticed that the CodinGame site does not play nice with mobile devices?

At least that’s been my experience on a Nexus 4 running Android 5.0. The site loads but the menu on he left does not work, and many other links are not working.


I tried to access CodinGame from my cell phone yesterday.

I have no problem with the connection or with the menu on the left, however, I could not see the code of the exercise, my screen is relatively small, and there was no way to scroll to the right, my view was locked as follows:

I tried using the default browser, Chrome and Firefox.

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How about the buttons on the page? Were you able to click them?

For me it’s not very consistent. It looks like some times it works, some other times it doesn’t.

I think it’s worth investigating further…

I have been trying to work with a tablet 8in but can’t access the right side or to copy /paste code because the keyboard
Android 5.0/5.1

If I could just sync all the solutions of puzzles to a cloud server than submit it would have solved cause android has comppilers

Since my main computer have big problems those days… I switched to my eeepc with a resolution of 1024x600… and i was unable to do anything as most options are inaccessible… like code editor fullscreen .
It could be fine if we can have this responsive. for example each four part can be full screen and we can navigate right to left … swipping.


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I heard the IDE in under review, we all hope for more responsiveness. :slight_smile:

Still no changes? I would be glad if I could just scroll and zoom freely.
P.S. tested on wp8, wp10, Android 4 and 6

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It’s even worst now. Most page take forever to load, watching a 5 minutes video on YouTube is faster than loading my profile page…

Even simple page are hard to read, like the blog where it cannot be resized to view a full line.

I’d also like to be able to read the rules of a problems, but in my case not so much try to solve it on a smartphone.

The chat is even worst, impossible to scroll horizontally so there is always a part missing.

I also often get stuck in the left menu or the right notification menu by not being able to close them (but that might be just because it’s slow, opening those menu can take up to a minutes)

Using an Android 4.4 with chrome. The slowness is also affecting me on a computer using Linux with chrome, Firefox being useless in the ide of cg.

Would it be possible to investigate those problems?


One other thing that is a tedious to do on mobile is watching replays.

I would really really enjoy being able to watch replays fullscreen on my phone like a youtube video!
It would make it super convenient to have stuff to analyze on the go in case there is no computer nearby.


Some news about editor on phone? The site works well but it seems that my screen is too small (red message on idle page of the game). But I was able to play the same game during contest (spring2020) from my phone… what is the difference between these two modes?