Codingame's Server Speed

It feels like the server of codingame is pretty slow. My bot for The Accountant runs on my computer took about 50 ms max but it is about 80-90 ms on Codingame, not to mention my CPU is just a Pentium Dual Core. I hope the server will be upgraded soon. Anyone feels the same?

It’s possible this is a compiler related issue if you are compiling optimized code and if codingame is not

Java as twice as slow as on my local PC (no multi-threading). I basically optimize it for 50ms locally.

So how can I make it run faster on Codingame server?

All depend of the language you use.

I use C++. Is it supposed to be slower on a server?

Yes it is. Since the C++ compilation command line doesn’t include any optimization flag. See for more informations.