Collapsible difficulty sections on the games page

Currently the games page is really long, requiring a lot of scrolling to reach the bottom. Having collapsible tabs (something like the following) would fix this:

Ideally, tab state would save across sessions so that players who are working on ‘very hard’ challenges don’t have to re-collapse all of the other sections to get to it every time.


Asked several times in the forum.

And adding in the tutorial the two other hidden tutorials.

I wanted to suggest this feature, too. It was very comfortable.

While waiting for the feature to be officially implemented, you possibly can use some userscript like this:

// ==UserScript==
// @name        Collapsible CodinGame
// @namespace   Collapsible CodinGame
// @require
// @include*
// @include*
// ==/UserScript==

$(document).on("click", ".level-title", function() {
    $(this).closest(".level").find(".level-puzzles").slideToggle( "slow" );

While we are on the subject, can someone tell me a good Chrome extension to manage userscripts? I’m looking for one that doesn’t request permission to read/change all webpages. I don’t trust those.

Great idea Delgan!

To use this script, you can install browser add-ons like:

  • Chrome: Tampermonkey
  • Firefox: Greasemonkey

The script works in both add-ons.
I made some improvements in the script:


  • +/- symbol to show the status
  • level title is a button to collapse/expand the level content
  • puzzles in level are scrollable
  • onLoad() collapse solved levels
  • onLoad() site scrolls to unsolved level
  • onLoad() level scrolls to unsolved puzzle

here you can find the code:

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@Segse the code is missed: This page has been removed!
Could you please publish the code again.

I was just about to suggest this as well.

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