[Community Puzzle Creators] in/out character length limits

Hello. I’ve been working on a community puzzle (the classic in/out type) and didn’t really think of checking the allowed length for the test cases input and output.

My problem is related to string manipulation and should require a very efficient algorithm in order to pass with more than 20%. For that reason, most of the test cases comprise of 2 * N * 10^5 characters worth of input and 2 * N * 10^5 characters worth of output. There’s a total of 15 tests, and each input contains a number N, the number of test cases included in that test, then 2 * N strings of length up to 10^5. For this problem N will never be higher than 5.

The challenge is supposed to be “Very Hard” but without these character length conditions met, it will be impossible to make a difference between an exponential time complexity solution and the expected O(|X|+|Y|^2) solution.

Is there any way you can modify these limits? Maybe even allow the test cases to be uploaded as .txt files? Such a file would take up to 2MB of space for the inputs (and around the same for outputs).

Thanks for reading through and hopefully there’s something that can be done in this regard.

EDIT: To be clear, I meant each separate test case (input + output) would take up to 4MB of space in .txt format.
Sorry for the text file size inaccuracy, I actually looked at a smaller test case when I wrote the question, without realizing. The file size has been correctly updated.

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