Community puzzles

I love the new community puzzles feature. It’s a great idea. Here are a couple of suggestions that might make it better:

  • Allow for saving / restoring of partial work. It can be very time consuming to put together a complicated puzzle, and I probably won’t be able to always do so in one sitting. I can create most of the pieces off-line, but this is a bit cumbersome.

  • It’s a bit strange to see all the answers and even the solution code for every submission. If we will be getting CodinPoints for solving community puzzles, then an unscrupulous individual could theoretically just save off all the solutions to pending puzzles and then fill them in later when the puzzle goes live.

Again, very cool feature, and thanks for continuing to provide exciting new content.

  • dan
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Where? The solution code should only be visible for the admins and the person who submitted the contribution. If not, there’s a problem we need to fix.

A problem could be to see the validators because people could hardcode the solutions.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and compliments. This feature is very limited but we intend to bring new features to improve the whole thing :).

Huh. My bad. I thought I saw code in some of the submissions that weren’t from me, but I can’t reproduce it now. I’m sure you’re right. I must have misinterpreted something that I saw. Sorry. :slightly_smiling:

Another request: Programmatic validators. I know this is significantly more complex, but it would be nice to be able to write puzzles with multiple paths to victory.

  • danBhentschel

My own solution to the RPN does not pass the last validator. :sunglasses:
And I can not see the solutions.

Just a guess: check the ROL operation. It consumes a value on the stack but does not use it, the ROL is always with 3 elements.

Apparently, the tests are incomplete for the parenthesis problem. Some wrong codes pass the validation without trouble.
Missing tests are where there are as many closing parenthesis as opening ones, but a closing parenthesis is before an opening one, like in “)(”.
Is it possible to complete the tests?

You can send me in private extra validators and I will add them.

It should not accept expressions like that: “{ ( } )” too.

BUG: Approved Community puzzles: Game’s author with wrong link.

The link always send to the author of the puzzle of the week.

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CONSTRAINTS wrong in “Game of life”

“1 ≤ width, height ≤ 30”

should be <= 100

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I’m having trouble testing a puzzle that I’m developing. When I click the “Test in IDE” button, nothing happens. The following is in the developer console:

5cd7ce74.codingame.js:5 TypeError: Cannot read property 'publicHandle' of undefined at n.a.startTemporaryPreview ( at at n.C.(anonymous function) [as startTemporaryPreview] ( at at e ( at n.$eval ( at n.$apply ( at HTMLButtonElement.<anonymous> ( at HTMLButtonElement._.event.dispatch ( at HTMLButtonElement.q.handle (

I have tried restarting the browser and it doesn’t help. I’m using Chrome.

  • danBhentschel

My bad… fixed !

I confirm. It works for me now. Thanks.

  • danBhentschel

And how do you finally manage to pass the last validator A small hint :innocent: ? I seem to have the same problem : I bang my head against wall but I cannot see why my code doesn’t pass the last validator !

About RPN?
Read carefully what is the ROL operator and how to print an error.

Yes about RPN :slight_smile:
Thanks : it was not the ROL operator but I have the error management slightly wrong : an incorrect interpretation of one of the result of the tests. However thank you for the hint. And a good puzzle, thanks for contributing ! :slight_smile: