Community Resources

By the years, the Codingame community created a bunch of useful resources, like tools, apps, sites, articles… A lot of them are well known of regular users, but have no visibility for the new comers.
The purpose of this topic is so to be a directory for all of these “by the community for the community” contributions.


  • CGBenchmark by @Neumann : A tool tool that allows you to benchmark your multiplayer codes.
  • CGBrutalTester by @Magus : A tool that permit to create local arenas for contests and multiplayer games.
  • CGEnhancer by @Azkellas : A script that add to the IDE multiple useful features for the multiplayers/contests.
  • CGLocal by @Jasperr : A browser extension coupled to an application that allow you to sync your local editor with the CG's one.
  • CGMulti by @Azkellas : Two online multiplayers stats tools:
    • The first one allow you to compare the scores of multiple players on each multiplayer game.
    • The second one is a graph that show the "activity" (New submissions in the top1000) on each game.
  • CGPoints by @_Royale : An online tool that allow you to consult the detail of your CodingPoints (CP).
  • CGStats by @Magus : An online tool for the contests and multiplayers that allow you to see a bunch of stats on your IA, including its winrate against the players around you in the leaderboard.
  • CG Puzzle search by @eulerscheZahl : A set of 3 online tools:
    • Codingame puzzle search: An advanced search engine for contributions that allow search by tags, name, authors... Including for clashes of codes, useful if you want see a statement again.
    • Codingame replay json: Allow you to download the json containing all the information of a given replay.
    • Codingame replay reproduce: Generate all the outputs of each player for a given replay.
  • CG Community browser by @dbdr : Allow you to browse the chat's logs for world, fr and ru.
  • by @Stilgart : An online tool which offers 4 interesting functionalities:
    • An XP based leaderboard.
    • An exhaustive list of the puzzles with a bunch of stats.
    • A list of all the tags (skills) with the corresponding puzzles.
    • The possibility to see all the puzzles you've solved, and in which languages.


  • CG Community: A project of community wiki created by @dbdr .
  • Concisely Garbled: The @JBM 's chunk of the web. Pretty indescribable, but worth the look. ^^



Of course this list is not exhaustive, I simply putted in all that I thought about. If I forgot something, made a mistake, or there's something new to add here, feel free to say it below.

This article is old, maybe someone did far better in a playground.

Not sure… Your article is always the one which came back when someone ask for help on “advanced csb”. And I have not seen anything so complete on