Confused on CodingPoints and leaderboard

The leaderboard has lost a lot of transparency as to how people are getting the ranks they are getting. For example I was looking at this player:

He has 19000 points. According to what I can tell from his profile he has hardly participated in any contests so is his score based off single player games alone? I don’t see how that is possible…

I would recommend that more transparency be put in the profile to explain how each player has earned their CP score.

Some suggestions:

  1. Put the breakdown of the CP score in the public profile
  2. Show results of any contests which give points in the public profile
  3. Include the player’s join date in the profile

New ranking, new profile page are already in progress.

Yeah even I was confused how the points are obtained.
Btw @SaiksyApo If you can add points for participating in practice contests such as Tron Battle ,etc based on rank it would be really nice.

The details for the points are already in the global leaderdoard and the next profile page.

Oh thats awesome I just saw that now :smiley: Never knew that was there

Where are the details for the points? There used to be 3 columns for points but now there is just a single column for total points.

Update “Leaderboard” :
The details of CG points now appears in a tooltip (Hover the mouse on Global points).

Where is the detail of all the CG points?

@nicolas_patrois Go to the leaderboard and hover over the points and wait for a few seconds.It will show you the breakdown of the points.

So for now you can earn ~10k for contests + single puzzles and ~50k for good rank in 4 optimization puzzles? Isn’t it a bit strange?

Yep it is and they know that too.You might want to look at this discussion here :