Contest to Multiplayer

I believe that if, when possible, the multiplayer game was readily available right after the end of the contest, this could bring a lot of extra activity to CG.

I understand it would be an extra load of work and sometimes it might just not be feasible.

However, when a contest end, a lot of people often would like to improve or complete this or that but, there is no way to do so…

And when the contest finally make it to the multiplayer a week or so later, most of the contestant have already moved on.


I would be very happy to have puzzles available right after the contest, but codingame need activity every week. That’s why they always create new puzzles or new leagues on wednesday.

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I couldn’t agree more with this. Momentum is important and a week or so later momentum might be gone for a lot of us.

What I usually see is that when multi is available, people just submits their contest code for ranking points, but no further improvements are made since the competition adrenaline is long gone.

In this contest I barely had any time to code (I have a newborn and believe or not, they are demanding little people:)). Reading the postmortems I see my strategy was not that off so I should have performed better. I am motivated now to give it a go, but in a week I might just not be…


I suspect that the overall activity on the coming Wednesday that CG would get out of making multiplayer version of the contest readily available right at the end of the said contest might be greater without the gap.

Thanks to the momentum as JRFerguson says.
Or as the saying goes: “One needs to strike the iron while it is hot.”

I believe this should at least worth to be tried once in my opinion.