Contests force you to unlock new rules

I’ve participated in Battlecode for several years now, and have attempted a few CodinGame contests. But one issue I always have with the contests is I will make a decent bot, but as soon as I move into a new league a new rule completely changes effective strategies, or I have to rewrite lots of code to deal with new inputs. For example, in Coders Strike Back, you originally start with only one bot. But then, you later get two bots! When this new rule came up, I realized I would have to completely restructure my code, and just gave up.

I think the leagues are set up this way to make it easier to get started on a bot. But it seems to make it harder to continue working on a bot.

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I hear you.

We’re trying to find the perfect balance between providing an accessible game for beginners and a reasonable Wood league time for regular players.

In any case, all rules can be known from the beginning as we share the referee right from the first league.

How’s about reveal changes in all upcoming leagues from start? Not everyone have time or skill to read referee. Thus nothing changes in terms of complexity for beginners but players can plan their architecture

This information is usually at the bottom of the statementimage

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Coders Strike Back is the worst multiplayer puzzle for that. Inputs changes at each league, even after the bronze league.

Other puzzles are better. Rules changes only during the wood leagues and inputs are the same between every leagues.

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That information stopped showing up in some of the newer contests.

I guess what some people would prefer is a pop up window with the full bronze statement or any other page with the full statement.

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What some people would prefer is an option to skip all wood leagues.


That’ true, but occasionally i feel like staying longer in wood to test something and don’t feel like going offline just for that.