Contribution with +50 votes not approved

Hi all,

I submitted my first contribution, got some suggestions (most of which I implemented), rest of the comments were positive. I got +50 upvotes, but after the 30 day period it hasn’t been approved, and now it says that the system has automatically rejected it.

I don’t know what I did wrong. Is there any way to fix this, and how to prevent it from happening again?
The contribution is called ‘Stranger Things’
Thanks for your help.

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Are you able to republish it? All contributions have an approval period of 30 days only.

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Hi 5DN1L,

yes I can republish it. Do I copy everything or is there a republish mechanism?

It will be republished with all existing comments.

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cool! thanks @b0n5a1 , how do I do that?

As far as I remember, just resubmit it as is.

Ok I made a small textual change and Sent it… I hope it is enough and I don’t have to type everything again

You published it as a WIP, so nobody was able to approve it.
Now you have to publish it as a ready contribution.
(and for next time, you don’t need to wait the 30 days period to switch from “WIP” to “ready”)

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If you’re talking about this one : Even Stranger Things, it’s actually not published because it’s “private”.

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Oh, and also upvotes ≠ approvals @Woega

Well, for the infamous :japanese_goblin: TROLL VS :japanese_castle: CASTLES :european_castle:, 650 encouraging upvotes were not enough to let it leave the WIP stage… :slight_smile:
Its author must have quite high internal standard.


JBM thanks you for the link (I guess)…it will let him have more XP with this “social experiment”.

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ah ok! didn’t know that! as said it’s my first. thanks for that

yes I know, but it’s an indication I guess :slight_smile: