CORS and PIXI.js Errors

This could just be my browser privacy settings, but I am posting in case there is an actual site bug.

I am experiencing visual artifacts (no text, and/or clipped text) in the IDE game display. (Vinidium) I tried enabling webgl, but that did not seem to solve the issue. I did notice a veritable avalanche of CORS blocks in my console. This is not exactly new either. I feel like there must have been an update in the last few weeks, because everything worked fine for the Code-a-la-Mode competition. Now I cannot load user pictures, which may in fact be blocking text rendering.

Currently it seems the codingame site code is running afoul of Firefox new storage access policies.
Even when I turn those off, I am still seeing a specific “Failed to load element using: IMG” from pixi4.

Like I said, it could just be me, but I thought I’d push it up to you on the off chance something is genuinely broken.

Vindinium has a known bug, at least known by me, of trying to load a non-existant avatar for the intro replay. But that should only cause 1 error in the console.

Your problem seems much more severe and I am unable to reproduce it yet. Can I ask you which FF version you were using?


Sure thing. 66.0.2

Just to be thorough I tested two installs on separate machines.
The standard 66.0.2 + Ghostery (allowing Amplitude) install works visibly fine with several non-fatal errors in the console.
My normal browser has the aforementioned issues in the OP. I’ve done some about:config edits, but I’m not really sure which one has nuked the text display. I’ve tried reverting a few, but I might have just broken it. :sweat_smile:
( )

Think we can safely rule this one is mostly just me, but take a look and see if you find anything.

I appreciate you taking the time to look at my issue. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I was not able to reproduce the problem. :worried: I have found nobody else with these issues. I can only suggest disabling all and any browser plugins and to keep up with the most stable builds.

If by any chance you understand what is happening to you, or find any additional clues, please say so here.

Thank you