Country Ranking on Flag?

So naturally I am competitive about things (even though I kind of suck), one of the things I’ve found to be generally lack of intuitive is figuring out where I compare with other people in the same country as me… and how my country compares to other countries.

I was wondering if in the Leader Board the country flags could have a little number listing how they rank in their own country.

The arrow near the “Country” heading can be used to filter the leader-boards by country. But sadly, it won’t give you your rank in your country, unless you are willing to count.

Your country ranking is visible on your profile, if you hover over the “Coding points” graphs. I guess it also works for other people’s profiles, but it will be less convenient than the leader-board, since you need to cehck them one by one.

It’s the same problem with the code size optimization games. The points you get for your solution depend on the rank you have for the language you used. But there is no way to check your rank, unless you want to count by hand.

If you only use one language it’s okay, but if you try more languages it gets really annoying.

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I know I can do both of these…

They are both extremely inconvenient.

This is a suggestion for a better solution.