Couple of ideas

Some weeks ago my company organized a coding contest on another plateform : Isograd (you probably already know it :slight_smile: ).

Although I find codingame’s website and interface better, they have some features/ideas I’d love to see on codingame.

  1. For solo puzzles : being able to download a zip with all input/output of test cases and a template of code. Players could run all tests locally instead of using the website. (it’s a win-win !)

  2. For solo contests : instead of 1-2 difficult puzzles, it would be nice to have more puzzle (4-5) from easy to difficult.

  3. For languages using package/namespace : being able to let them when we copy paste code to condingame. I feel frustrated each time when I have to remove package line in Java -_-.

On the same topic another feature I’d love to see is being able to debug all kind of puzzles locally either “Solution” or “Player” kind of puzzles.
It could be either :

  • exposing a service to launch test cases from code
     - or offer for download a server players could start locally

It would be so awesome :slight_smile:


I concur to say that CG’s interface is significantly superior to Isograd’s but that there is however a couple of interesting features that could be cherrypicked to improve CG, notably the first one you mention: test files for standalone testing.

I believe your company is my company as well = )
In anticipation of the next CG contest we’re trying to gather the active coders under the same Company name, using the full group’s name (instead of the name of the sub-branch as in your profile) so that we can all find each other easilly; feel free to join; the more the merrier we’ll be !