Crashed when contributing

I recently created a clash of code and when I started writing Stub Generator, it crashed.
The text in Stub Generator sparkles and suddenly it crashes and says “Out of Memory”.

Can you reproduce the issue? I’ve been unable to.

Thank you for replying.
The text sparkles in Stub Generator Preview when I enter some text in Stub generator code.
And it crashed with saying Out of Memory

could you take a screenshot or a quick recording of the issue?
Could you give more details on how to get this issue?

I meant before OOM issue. What do you type in stub generator code to get this?

When I say the text in Stub Generator Preview, it alternate its color between (normal black and color code). I think Browser has rendering issues with it. Hmm…

seems like an issue with your browser/extensions.

Hmm… I have no extensions (except Some default like Doc, Sheet).
I am going to use Firefox.