Creating puzzles: Functions inside validators (for Large Datasets)


I would create a puzzle with a large dataset, but I realised that there is a limitation on the size of the validators. When submitting the puzzle, I asked if there was a workaround, and someone answered me I can create a random number generator, and put the function inside the description of the puzzle, and the “seed” of the random generator inside validators, to get always the same random sequence. Unfortunatly, I tried a long time but with nos success.
I hesitated to categorize it as a feature request since I don’t know if this feature is really existing, or not ? In this case, is it possible to add some doc on the subject ? It would be very interesting !



We have two kinds of puzzles : “in/out” puzzles and “game” puzzles. The first one is very simple, a test is defined by an input and an expected output. The second one requires an input but also a program that will be in charge to send an input to the player and check the correctness of its solution.

For now, we’ve only open to the community the possibility to create “in/out” puzzles, but that could change in the future…

The solution suggested to you could be done as an in/out puzzle but it’s not handy. You’d need to ask to the coder to implement a custom random generator in order to generate the input, that’s a workaround…


You can create your own pseudo-random number generator controlled via the validators’ input.