Customizing stub generators

As we all know, CodinGame platform generates stubs for each language from special pseudocode.
In each of those stubs, it also includes automated comments useful for beginners, particularly on how to print debug messages.

However, as I gained more experience, those comments only distract me and I tend to delete them each time I start an IDE.

Also, I often do not like how the reading of input is done and I would love to have a different way to automate input.

This is especially critical in Clash of Code.


  1. At least make an option to remove comments from someones stubs for certain languages.

  2. Let codingamers write their own custom stubs for their preferred languages as an advanced feature.

To ensure these enhancements don’t confuse newbies, you could set some level limit above which these features become available.


It could be interesting but I don’t know when or even if it will be implemented. However, what you can do is writing your own generator using a greasemonkey script (or equivalent). The stub is available in the result of the call to with [“THE HANDLE IN THE URL OF THE IDE”]. The result is in currentQuestion.question.stubGenerator.

I’ve not tried but I believe it’s doable and shouldn’t afraid advanced coders :). If you start something on github, I’m sure people will try to help.


Don’t worry… advanced coders doesn’t afraid of nothing. They are cool guys in that aspect.