Darts puzzle: passing validators, but not all the tests

I come here to report a problem with the “darts” puzzle: my code in C# is only passing the first 2 tests / 4, but what a surprise when I submitted: I got 100%!
Here is the pastebin of my code, I hope this is allowed on the forum, since it’s not a very good solution anyway. I don’t understand yet why I don’t pass all the tests, but I’ll find out :slight_smile: I just wanted you to know that my wrong solution is passing all the validators, which is obviously undesired.
I output wrong scores in the tests 3 and 4, and I don’t even care about sorting the names by appearance when their score is equal.

I support this topic. Just solved puzzle. It shows only 3 tests passed, of 4 existing. According to my mind the trouble is about equal results of players and order of names to show. The 4th test didn’t pass because player Will was before player Bill, both had same score. After some corrections test 4 passed, but test 3 failed - result checker expected to see player Joe, and did not like player Brandon before him. So how can author pay attention to puzzle - in final results should be sorted by names too or not?

pinging the author @WilliamMorrison and validators of the contributions: @Uljahn, @Jakque and @JBM
maybe they can help

Can’t check fully I’m on lame Internet here but IIRC the puzzle statement explicitly says how the results should be sorted—and it’s not by name.


Thanks. Just did it.