Didn't get achievement

i completed mars landing - level1 with 306L left and didn’t get the last achievement nor the points for it, if someone could help please TT_TT. explaining it better:
i completed it without meeting the conditions to get the achievement, but afterwards i saw that the achievement existed, then i made a new code and submitted it several times, but it didn’t replace the old code and i couldn’t get it.
the replay:

Hello flavio_pessoa17,

There is already a thread about this game: click here

The answer to your question is told multiple time in that topic :wink:

Thanks, i got it!
just putting it here so anyone who opens this post sees it:

by CvxFous:

It’s because the REAL test isn’t at the same height as the normal test.

That imply one thing: you succeed the test by putting and arbitrary condition like:

if Y < 2000
And that condition doesn’t work with the real test. Try to work something with the Vertical Speed and Y to make a more global code.

I’ll summarize some questions that people often ask in puzzles threads. There are definitely few questions like yours whose answers are not intuitive.