Different ladders

hey guys,

first of all, thank you for this great platform!
I was just thinking about the leader system right now.
It is great to have the overall ranking system and the different filters. Actually it makes a lot of fun already. However, I was thinking from a beginner’s point of view. Maybe it would be nice to have an additional separation, for example, monthly top coders, best rookies (taking registration time, scoring points into consideration) etc. This could be really fun for new players, as they see high ranks, that they can actually achieve in a few days/weeks/months etc. This can be also covered by a league system (1st league (top100), etc…), small tournaments (restricted to different amounts of coding points(separating beginners, professionals), holding new achievements etc.) . The major idea is just to generate more motivation triggers. Winning small things will make people more confident for major puzzles, keep the motivation to learn more complex algorithms and therefore to create more competition on the overall ranking. Just sharing my thoughts, maybe there are some starting points for a discussion here.

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This is an excellent idea, and the fact is that this is already in our roadmap :wink:

As the concept is at an early stage, we would love to hear the community about it !
Don’t hesitate to provide us more details on how you imagine multi leaderboards, league or other stuff like this.

Hey @andireiswich91,

Awesome ideas!
Weekly winners would be one, or filtering by a countries city at the leaderboard as well.
It would also be great to have an overview of other factors like

  • Readability
  • Problem Solving
  • Language knowledge
  • Design
  • Reliability

I also love the idea to have up to 4 CPs extra per additional solved puzzle in a different language.

If you solve a puzzle the first time, you’ll get the full CPs and for each additional language you solve the same puzzle you get 1 CP for easy, 2 CPs for medium, 3 CPs for hard and CPs for very hard puzzles.
The puzzles badges at the achievements page of a coder could easily indicate in how many languages a puzzle was solved by putting the solved language count next to the available languages of a puzzle, e.g. (0/1 for the Nintendo challenge for example, as you can only solve it in one language).


Thank you guys,

sorry for answering this late.

yes, these are some good options. I think the important aspect is to try separating filters and complete new ladders… weekly winners, readability etc. are great filters. The idea of extra CPs per puzzle is a way to generate some of the new achievements. I would like to have design competitions, as you mention them here. Implementing patterns and receiving points for it could improve the sense for dependency management, which is really good. (hopefully I got your idea right ^^)

The new main bar in the leaderboard separating “main” and “following” is a good example for it, as each of them holds an own ranking. An option would be to add additional tabs. Rookie League, Premier League etc… Moving from one ladder to another one could be achieved by top placements. It could be timely fixed, for example take place each 6 months. Everybody is ranked to 0 (main leader ranking remains of course) in the beginning. Solving puzzles gives points. After the amount of 6 months, coders can advance or relegate for the next time slot, like in sports (soccer etc…).
However having a lot of players already, it is maybe useful to create many leagues/divisions, don’t know which is the better wording here. Well, of course having a lot of them would maybe create the same feeling of unreachable places (leagues). Nonetheless I think it makes more fun to be 1st in League 100 than to be 50000 in League 1. Maybe this is only my point of view ^^, but some major games are using these principles, guess there are some advantages from the motivational side.

However I don’t want to go further into other parts, as this shouldn’t be a thread for all problems ^^. However if there is more interest in creating a tournament system rather than different ladders, that’s fine. Happy to discuss any kind of things here. My main thought was just a ladder system and thank you both for giving feedback on this.