Different language

I know quite good Java and I want learn next language - totaly different from Java. What do you propose?

Learn Python :). It’s easy and it has a lot of very useful builtin functions. If you want something really different, try a functionnal programming language.

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Try Clojure, it’s a Lisp dialect, totally different to Java. But it runs on the JVM, so if necessary you can use all the Java libraries you already know.


If you want something really different from Java (but still a real language, otherwise try SPL, brainfuck or Intercal), you have different choices. Lisp and its dialects (like CommonLisp), are not Algol-like languages so unusual. If you want a useful language, you have Python. Do you want to try logical programming ? Try Prolog. For functionnal programming, you have plenty of choices : Scala (works on JVM), Ocaml,…

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MaximeC, chrm, Aun thank for yours answers.
Python is very nice, but not so much diffrent to Java (similiar syntax, object oriented paradigm). I’m planning learn it some day…
Finally I decided to learn Clojure :slight_smile:

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You’re in for a wild ride, try Ocaml too, it’s fun once you stop tearing out your hair :slight_smile: