Display Total Earned XP

I’d like to be able to track my progress here on beeminder.com (a wonderful goal-tracking, commitment-contract site). The best way (that I can think of) to do that is to track total xp earned. As far as I can tell, at the moment, the only way to know my total xp is to calculate it out, which is possible, but annoying. Is it displayed somewhere I don’t know of? Could it possibly be displayed in the future? (Dream: Could there be beeminder integration?)


In the meantime, you can do a POST request on https://www.codingame.com/services/CodinGamerRemoteService/findCodingamePointsStatsByHandle with takes one parameter, your user handle, ex: ["de34d43f123453dfe12e34612abd3"]. It returns those data:

achievementCount : 183
codingamePointsRankingDto : {rankHistorics: {,…}, codingamePointsTotal: 14465, codingamePointsRank: 176,…}
codingamer : {userId: 365796, pseudo: "CvxFous", countryId: "FR",…}
codingamerPoints : 11240

What you’re looking for must be codingamerPoints here.

It’s kind of patchy, and the API isn’t official, so it can change at any moment, but it will do the trick!

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