Download my code/git integration?

Hi there!

I’ve just found this interesting website. It works great, but sometimes I just would like to use my external IDE and make a backup copy of my code.

I see the website already keeps revisions (history) when you commit (submit) your code. Is there any git integration? If no, is there any other way to download the code?

If no, it would be nice to have it.

Thank you

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There is not Git integration. Yet…

It will come! We have done the Github login with this in mind.

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That’s a great and quick answer, thanks!

It’s going to get weird pretty fast if pushing contest code requires a public github repo :grin:

On a more serious tone, reliable synchronization of my git with whatever’s been pushed during a contest, with a possibility of commenting (i.e. how well it fared) is really something I’d love, though I’m not quite sure how it could be achieved without external tooling.