Early release of informations on the contest

I’ve come to learn that there was a video released on the 18 of April that was giving a very good clue of what the contest was going to be about: https://www.facebook.com/CodinGame/videos/865801600231709/

It’s weird that you did not send a notification about it to at least everybody who was registered in the contest.

A lot of people must have missed it.
Having 12 extra days for preparation in a 8 days long contest makes for quite a difference.

Releasing this kind of important information only through medias like Facebook is pretty bad because you are very likely to miss a lot of posts from people you are following as Facebook just cannot flood their users with the entire activity of every single of their contact.

I’m actually following you on Facebook and twitter and still, I never heard of this video until the very last day when i asked in chat just in case and was told by pb4806 about it. At that point in time I thought it had just been released but in fact it was like 12 days ago !

The worse part in that is, not only i’m following you on social medias but i’m also here quite a lot since 2 months, sometimes chatting. I was eagerly waiting for this challenge for since it was announced and still, I did not hear of that video until the last moments.

Hence I can imagine that I am no exception and that a lot of people missed it…

Every person registered for a contest should get direct feed of this kind of information.

It would just be fair…


Ugh, showing contest problem gameplay before it starts is bad idea. Really bad idea.


Was in Twitter as well: https://twitter.com/CodinGame/status/722464568627359744

But I agree it gave too many hints.

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I found the twitter image 5 days before the beginning of the contest, and the youtube video only 2 days before the beginning.

While the information was public, I agree that the low exposure (no email from CG, no blog post) gave an advantage to those who found the video.

However, for future contests, I would support teasing 10 days in advance with images such as the one found on Twitter.

To me, the main argument is that it allows participants to prepare a backbone for their participation (basic objects, basic visualization tools, (see for example this post by rOut). As a slow programmer, I could never afford to develop this backbone for other contests. It is merely a convenience, but it was highly appreciated.

I would argue that the twitter image doesn’t allow participants to prepare more than a backbone structure for their contest. At least in my case, I had “only” writtten 350 lines before the beginning of the contest, compared to the 1800 lines of my final submission.
Indeed, based on the Twitter image, here are some questions that could not be answered :

  1. Does the board start empty or full ?
  2. Do we play at the same time as the opponent, or is it a sequential game ?
  3. How many colored tiles can we see in advance ?
  4. Can colored tiles be rotated or are they always dropped verticaly ?
  5. How do skulls work ? My hypothesis was that there was a fixed number of skulls on the board at the beginning, and that those skulls were exchanged from one board to the other when they were exploded by a group of colored marbles nearby.
  6. Is there some kind of special move, like “BACK” in back to the code ?
  7. What is the victory condition ? First person to empty the board if it starts full ? Maximum score ?
  8. Does the opponent play with the same colors as we do, or does he have his own sequence ?
  9. What type of interactions do we have with the opponent ? (nothing shown…)

Looking ONLY at the twitter gif, can ANYBODY say that the game turned out to be exactly how they expected ? I would never have thought so many skulls would drop in one turn…

I am however against the publication of videos such as the one found on youtube. Contrary to the twitter image, FAR too much information was made available before the beginning of the contest.

So, to sum up : some teasing to let us prepare basic stuff, yes ! Too much information before the contest : no thank you. And in any case, the teasing should be made more visible to all participants. I’m thinking : blog post on CG, and maybe make it part of a reminder email 10 days before the contest ?

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Even with only the Twitter gif, some peeps may have recognized Puyo Puyo game, and guessed the skull lines behavior as it is exactly the same ^^

Ok, for people who knew the game, the information might have been too much. I didn’t know puyo puyo.

I’ll maintain my argument : a minimal amount of information allows participants to prepare a framework, which will help make the (short) 8 days of the contest more efficient. The information should be carefully controlled and minimal.

I view this whole “early access to information if you are a stalker” vs. “not having as much prep time” to be a general way to handle the Meta-Game for functionality on this website.

Oh right… I’m doing that thing where I talk about the Meta-game again for this website… brace yourselves.

For most competative gaming setups, you can do things to have an extra edge. This involves following news letters, checking out social media, watching other people’s stuff and what not. This affects stuff like Meatspace Sports, e-sports and heck… even Stripper competitions (I’ve actually lost entire stripper contests, because I wasn’t watching the organisers social media feeds like a hawk and doing something based upon their current political leanings)

Essentially, this website uses a game like nature for how it presents information and teaches… and as a side effect, there are areas that are more “for funsies” and others for “competetive person competing” and others who are aware of the general Meta-Game… and for some reason get annoyed by CoC being a thing (which… I’m double checking if that is as broken as I thought it was… it might not be).

I think I saw the clue… but I’m not all “MUST SMASH ALL OTHERS” as some are… so I didn’t look into it. This is… kind of Meta-Meta-Game features and functionality at this point, really.

Puyo puyo was indeed the issue as it was quite big in its time.
This game has seen many release over many platforms in the last 25 years http://puyonexus.net/intro/

It’s probably one of the largest puzzle game success in the line of Tetris games.

Edit: Note that I don’t say this kind of informations needs not to be released, I just point out that the way it was released was prone to make a large amount of people registered to the contest, miss this information.

As you say yourself, writing a basic framework is part of the process and it would have been more fair for everybody to start this process at the same point in time. What i’m asking for, is for everybody registered in a contest to get direct feed of informations related to the contest.

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… again, that is more just related to a standard element of being competitive in various competitions. Be them Meatspace Sports, E-Sports or Misc Contests.

You have to read a lot of stuff, and kind of stalk the people hosting/holding the events for a time before it happening to get the best effort about it.

Yeah… it isn’t on everybody’s feed–part of the matter of being competitive is ensuring your feed has the information that will help you best.

I don’t think that spending time checking every social media just in case some information is released early on a contest, when anyone would expect not to see any information released on it until it starts, has anything to do with being competitive. It’s more akin of wasting your time betting on a very unlikely event to happen.

But you have all the right in the world to feel like that even though I completely disagree with you.

now that I have identified this behavior I shall logically indeed check in case this will happen again.


… you… you don’t know too many people who are into competitive sports, games, etc. do you?

While I do mock people playing Melee–that is mostly just because they take some rather ordinary behaviours and take it up to eleven. Along with their lack of understanding those competition behaviours are not normal (other circles understand they are weird for their competition practices).

I haven’t played Heartstone–though apparently that has some similar elements–but I do check out Smogon, Street Fighter Tournies, Magic The Gathering, Pokemon Cards and a few others. Once my health is better I will get into being awesome at Soccer, Gymnastics, Dancing, Parkour and Skateboarding. Rest assured… the stuff I’ve stated is pretty much just “you want to be competative? You have to do this stuff… well, some of it might be too much… but yeah”

I was a little competitive on Starcraft 2 before a big health problem (backstabbed by my own stomach :frowning: ). And to be competitive, you have to do many thing outside of the game. You have to keep yourself aware of the best builds of the moment (to do them and to counter them). If you have to face a particular opponent in a competition, you have to search his habits, his best builds, his weaknesses …

I don’t really know if we compare it to CodinGame. Because for a competitive video game, you know you have to do this to be competitive. But for CodinGame, no one knew informations will be released before the contest. I saw the gif on twitter but i heard about the video from other codingamers.

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I used to play Starcraft 1 and its Broodwar expansion , I didn’t go very far with Starcraft 2, I was bored…
I was a descent player maybe not “gosu” but at least a descent hasu who was able to win one game against players like Elkanthar later known as Elky :wink: You just brought me good memories of a happier time.

Codingame also has the option of, “you don’t have to be competitive about it”… so… you can choose to not check out all this stuff all crazy, and get something out of the website.

You know… like playing Pokemon… Gotta get all the Acheivements!

If you want, also like Pokemon, you can be all about EVs/IVs and arguing as to whether Garchomp is fucking broken or not. I cannot remember if Garchomp is broken… I haven’t been keeping track of the Standard Meta-game (I like the NU and RU metagames more, personally)