Editing code on my phone

Not sure if it is just me, but using firefox, on an android phone, the delete key refuses to work. I also can’t select text and overtype, and holding to select a word brings up the right click menu.

I rebooted my phone, turned off all assists, auto correction etc. in the gboard keyboard, but still no improvement. It is not the biggest thing, as I would prefer not to use a phone to code, but sometimes we try to improvise.

Use external keyboard with adapter cable. With trackball / touchpad.

There are special software keyboards too, for coders/programmers (search them).
They have arrow keys too and they work ok.

You sound like a professional at this sort of thing, I’m just checking on my bot and realising I am stupid and would like to fix that, right now. I will try and lift my game :slight_smile:

I will also try some alternative keyboards, Thanks.