Emoji in console debug message


Today I tried to use emoji in my debug message.
Some worked and other didn’t.
For example, this emoji is well printed : :crossed_swords:
And this one is not : :gem: (printed : ��)

This is not a big issue, I can do without it, but I don’t understand why one is ok and not all of them.
Have you any clue, or a list I could use to find the emoji working.


You used a subset of unicode in encoding.

Your question is, whether this encoding can be correctly displayed in a particular environment (an app).

This app can be a browser, an editor, a terminal console, etc.

For an app to display a unicode char, it depends on 2 factors:
(1) has a matching encoding
(2) has a supported font

My terminal application allows me to define encoding. Yours may be different. The font in use could be defined by the terminal or sometimes by the OS. All depends on your app.

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