Error: Gateway timeout

In CSB it has become literally impossible to launch an IDE game between two bots that utilize >= 50ms per turn, even on smaller maps you get hit with “Error 504: Gateway timeout”.

Note that this is different from the verification errors we’ve had until now since it timeouts literally every game and even on reduced timeout (tested 100ms vs 5ms) and on smaller maps (had this happen even on 3 CP ones).


CG please update the timeout to 150 seconds like inoryy said. All games lasting too much are actually giving an error, even if it should give an answer for every game.
And after it prevents us from Play again because he says “only 1 executor at a time”, and one must wait again and again, getting another timeout next time…

I guess you changed the error message from “validation elapsed” to “error 504” yesterday but it still is a serious issue.

Nope, this is different. Verification error was a proper server response, but the content was:

{“error”:{“id”:75,“message”:“Verification process has elapsed”}}

This new Gateway error is a server status error, which abruptly ends the request (with 504) with no response content at all. And it happens much sooner.

Can’t live with it, fix please!!

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I can also reproduce this.

The “error 504” was caused by a configuration error in out load balancer (the timeout value has been resetted to its default value of 60 seconds). The error 75 is generated by our application when the game duration exceeds 2 minutes, we’ve increased a bit the timeout delay, but you need to wait our next release for that.

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