Example code not being generated

So new to the platform and noticing a bit of a glitch. I kept reading everywhere that sample code is generated when selecting your language, but it doesn’t appear as though that is the case (at least in FF 61.0.1). For example, here is what is presented when selecting JS:


Hitting the refresh button in the top-right corner of the IDE seems to generate the correct example code, but short of clicking every single button on the IDE until hitting the refresh button, new users may get lost in the dark when trying to figure out what input is being served by STDIN.

Oh and as a secondary, tack-on note: in same FF version mentioned above, when using the shortcut link in the markdown editor here, the dialogue box for the link does not disappear after the link has been inserted, leaving it hovering over ~1/3 of the textarea. Had to copy/paste my OG comment and make a new one as I couldn’t even see half of what I was typing!

On which puzzle it is happening?

The forum issue is known. I had it on Chrome but not anymore though

I have also facing the same issue. Can anyone solve this one?