[feature request] Small tweaks to submission history could help a lot!

Thanks for all your hard work!

One thing that frustrates me (and I suspect others) when doing bot challenges, is often I make changes, and things get worse. It takes a long time to find this out typically. And after a day or so, I have lost all track of which versions are which. I think with small changes this could be improved.

  1. Instead of (only) showing the time since the last submission (e.g. “4 hours ago” “1 day ago”), show the date & time of submission (and the old string, if desired). I know time zones can make this hard – I don’t care which time zone, I just want clear labels.

  2. Allow setting just a small string of ‘meta-data’ on each submission, e.g. a label. I can use this to put my score in, and distinguishing features. Currently I need to copy both down, throw them in a diff and analyze. This is super-painful. And I can’t add my ranking to src code before submitting, as I don’t know it yet.

  3. Add the resulting ranking (again, just needs to be done once, could be approximate) as a label / metadata.

These would make doing bot competitions much more enjoyable.

(Meta question – do you have any way for folks to vote on feature requests? I guess adding ‘me too’ to the topic?)

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  1. is already there as tooltips on mouseover.

For 2. and 3. see https://www.codingame.com/forum/t/cg-enhancer/59441

// 2020-05-23 19:36:17
// 08bbbd1 Add call to EnsureDistancesAndPredecessors()

This is an example of header for amalgam, generated from my sources as an artifact for actual submission.
The first line is the timestamp of compilation.
The second is a hash and message subject from commit, the result of this command:
git log --format='%h %s' -n 1 HEAD

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