Feature: save multiple solutions for AI Battle games and easily switch between them


It would be nice to have an ability to save multiple solutions for your AI in multiplayer games.

Then you could select up to 4 of your AI and compare them to see in action which one is better. I feel like it would be interesting to see fights between two of your different AI.

Also, you could quickly switch to another code to play versus friend to show him some of your fun or interesting algorithms, not erasing your the best leaderboard “try hard” AI.

Of course I can save all my different codes on my disk and them copy paste one into codingame, but this is a little bit not convenient. I think that codingame could be improved by adding this feature.


Hi Kamyl, we are thinking of it with the history feature which will allow you to come back to a previous version of your code.

This is on our pipe. No more details or date for now but stay tuned :wink:

and not only in multiplayer games but for training challenges also.


A good feature could be to show the Rank reached with every code in the history. This Rank is not very exact, because the rank can change every time that the same code is sent, but anyway could be good see the Rank in the history in the time that the code was sent.


+1 this idea. I was just thinking exactly the same.