Feature : Torch package for Lua

Hi All,

I have seen that Lua has come to CodinGame lately. There is however not many packages available. Especially, Torch is not there which makes Lua a very primitive language. I really like Lua+Torch combination. In Python, the numpy package is available.

Is a Torch integration planned ?

Also, I am saying that because I cannot require the package when running my code, but is there anywhere we can check which packages are available and which are not ?

Thank you,

Bash is available, so if you know where the package is supposed to be installed, you can look it up yourself.

More seriously, the (well-hidden) FAQ contains the compilation/runtime environment for all languages: https://www.codingame.com/faq

Ok, so that’s a completely naked Lua we got there. Is there any plan to install Torch (as Python has Numpy) ?