Features suggestions

Hi All!

I am here for a few weeks now and I have to say you did an outstanding job in putting all the fun into algorithmics!

For the future releases/sprints I have a few suggestions:
a. The ability of seeing the top (best or top 3) codes in all competitive games/challenges - AFTER reaching 100% completion and after accepting a no new code/code freeze for own submisssions.

b. More extended country classifications:

  • The country rankings by players registered (maybe players registered per country population?)
  • The country rankings by total points achieved (mabe points per player registered?)

All the best,
Robert K.

The Country Classifications are already in place.
Just go the leaderboard and select your country .

It will show you something like : 12775 results found for «Country - India» .

It will also show your position among your country men. All though it dosent show the exact rank you can count them its not so hard :slight_smile:

You first suggestion is good but it should only apply to Challenges that do not come under Optimization,Multi Player Games and Challenges with special achievement. And why only top 3 ? Why not all of them ? And its not necessary to stop accepting new code. People should be able to submit even if they have 100% what difference will it make.

Hi DollarAkshay,

Thanks for the comments, but that’s not what I meant…
When I meant country rankings, I meant something like:

  1. France 21,461
  2. United States 20,511
  3. India 12,755

And for the second ranking:

  1. France 34,543,566 points (I made the sum points up…)
  2. India 31,321,213 points

Good point about seeing all of them. The stop accepting new code is (only a suggestion!) because anybody is receiving coding points even after the fact - and it does make a difference if the rankings improve suddenly to someone who saw the code :smile: